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Misty Garden

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Сообщество тех, кому интересен doom metal во всех его проявлениях (traditional, death/doom, gothic, epic, funeral, droning и.т.д) и мрачная/меланхоличная музыка в целом

anathema, ashes you leave, autumn, autumn flowers, autumnal, blood divine, buried at sea, burning witch, candlemass, cathedral, cemetery of scream, crestfallen, crown of pain, dark ambient, dark embrace, dawn of winter, death/doom, disembowelment, distress, doom metal, draconian, drone doom, dusk, dust, earth, ekklesiast, eleventh room, elysium, eminent shadow, empyrium, ereb altor, esoteric, estatic fear, eternal, eternal sorrow, eternal tear, ethereal, even vast, evoken, fall of empyrean, fallen, forest of shadows, forest stream, forever autumn, frozen tears, funeral, funeral doom, gathering, goat horn, godsend, gothic doom, grave flowers, grief, in age and sadness, in somnis, insanity reigns supreme, jack frost, katatonia, khanate, krux, lacrimas profundere, lake of tears, last chapter, majesty, mausoleum, memento mori, memory garden, monolithe, moon of sorrow, moonn d))), morbydia, mourn, mournful congregation, mourning beloveth, my dying bride, my shameful, mythological cold towers, northwinds, nortt, novembers doom, obsessed, ocean of sorrow, october tide, omens of desolation, opeth, pantheïst, paradigma, paradise lost, paramaecium, pentagram, phantasmagoria, poema arcanus, pyogenesis, raison d' etre, rapture, raven black night, reaction ecstasy trance, revelation, reverend bizarre, saint vitus, saturnus, scald, sentient, serenades, serenity, shape of despair, shroud of bereavement, silent cry, silentium, skepticism, sleep, solitude aeturnus, solstice, sorcerer, sorrow, spiritual dissolvent, stoner doom, sunn o))), supersoma, swallow the sun, the sad sun, thergothon, thorns of the carrion, thorr's hammer, thunderstorm, tragedy eternal, underwater moon, unearthly trance, unholy, unorthodox, unsilence, until death overtakes me, warning, whispering forest, winter, within tears, yearning, отчаяние, скорбь, темнота


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Social capital

  • less than 10